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Virtual Company Dossier

VCD Vision and Strategy

The Virtual Company Dossier (VCD) system provides a set of tools to support national or cross-border public buyers and their suppliers in the pan-European tendering phase.

For eligible economic operators (suppliers), participation in public tenders requires proof of fulfilment of the qualitative selection criteria requested by the contracting authority. The burden of proof lies with the economic operator, who must collect evidences from different (national) sources and provide them to the contracting authority.

Cross-border eProcurement is often more complex due to different legal requirements in place between the parties – e.g. some selection criteria may not apply to specific evidences, some evidences might not exist in a country, or they may exist but in a different form. Moreover, competent issuing authorities are unknown across borders, thus the economic operator often has to translate documents and ensure legal compliance.

PEPPOL’s vision is to provide an interoperable electronic document solution that supports the exchange of evidences across borders. PEPPOL has developed an eAttestation tool for tendering that provides a standardised structure to submit evidence that can be used for both national and cross-border eProcurement, during the qualitative selection process.

To realise this vision, the PEPPOL VCD project deliverables include:

  • European VCD System (EVS) providing decision support to derive evidences in order to meet the required criteria defined in the Call for Tenders (pursuant to the underlying legal rule sets in accordance with European and national procurement legislation, and represented as machine interpretable ontologies). The Ontology Management System provides the editing and management functionality for the different ontologies;

  • National VCD System (NVS) providing a full range of VCD functionalities to the economic operator - from the initial selection of criteria (via the VCD Designer) to the finalisation of a validated VCD Container (through the VCD Builder). A core functionality of the NVS is to enter data and to upload evidences to a VCD;

  • VCD Viewer - allowing users to view the content of VCD Packages.

The VCD tools have been developed to address the demand for improved interoperability in electronic tendering qualifications in public procurement. They offer simplification, transparency and electronic monitoring of supplier qualifications, while assisting private companies to create a legitimate package of supplier qualification. 

PEPPOL is currently inviting contracting authorities and their suppliers to pilot these solutions.


VCD Tools

The VCD tools mentioned above are available as web applications within different National VCD Systems. Feel free to follow the links below to access these web applications:

You get further information regarding registration and creation of a user account on the respective websites.


Further information

Please download the VCD International Marketing Brochure which contains further descriptions of the Virtual Company Dossier.

For more detailed information about the PEPPOL project, its components, ICT Architecture, and specifications, please follow the link to the PEPPOL EIA (Enterprise Interoperability Architecture) repository or send us an e-mail to:

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