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The PEPPOL Enterprise Interoperability Architecture (EIA) is a structured approach to present the PEPPOL artifacts (project documents, specifications, user guides, software tools, etc.) in a repository so that different stakeholders can access information relative to their specific needs, in a consistent and flexible way.
The EIA repository presented below as three dimensional matrix is a useful tool for organisations interested in implementing the PEPPOL components, and become familiar with the results of the project.
The PEPPOL EIA is a 3 dimensional cube (please click on the image to navigate)


At the top, the cube comprises 4 interoperability communities, reflecting the PEPPOL components:

  • eSignature Validation Infrastructure – validates eSignature certificates across EU borders. 
  • Transport Infrastructure – enables pan-European eDelivery of business documents between the eProcurement communities
  • Post-Award eProcurement - enables the purchasing process consisting of eCatalogue, eOrdering and eInvoicing
  • Pre-Award eProcurement – enables the tendering process currently consisting of eAttestation (VCD) and eCatalogue

The above 4 communities are also linked to 6 dimensions:

  • ICT Architecture – providing the ICT scope, solutions and ICT architecture for the interoperability community
  • Conformance and Test – comprising the requirements, processes and tools of conformance for the different interoperability stakeholders
  • Life Cycle Management (LCM) – processes for LCM of business and ICT architectures
  • Governance -  comprising the governance structure, legal framework and processes for the business and ICT architectures
  • Marketing – including processes and material for increasing awareness and recruiting new participants for PEPPOL pilot projects 
  • Business – being the business scope and business architecture of the interoperability community

Work on the EIA is ongoing as development progresses. Currently, three of the six dimensions have been put into operation: ICT Architecture, Conformance and Test, and Governance.


Furthermore, each community dimension is divided into 5 abstraction levels:

  • Strategy
  • Framework
  • Models  (guidelines and specifications of the different services and components)
  • Services and Components
  • Designs  
  • Implementations 
These 5 abstraction levels can be viewed as follows:












Strategy, Framework, Models, Services and Components are generic artifacts where the Models can be instantiated into specific designs and implementations. The Services and Components can be used in the specific designs and incorporated into the implementations.


Working with the PEPPOL EIA

In the navigation bar at the top of this web page, you will find the following three sections: ICT Architecture, Conformance and Test, and Governance. Please click on your section of interest. You will be presented with an interactive 2-dimensional matrix. You can click on any of the blue cells according to the information you need to access, based on the descriptions of the columns and rows.

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