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Post Award

The PEPPOL Post Award provides support for business processes relating to Catalogue / Order / Invocie.

PEPPOL Procurement model

The goal of PEPPOL is to enable any SME to trade with any public authority within the European market and exchange documents without any previous bi-lateral setup or technical agreements.

PEPPOL procurement model enables trading partners to exchange documents over the PEPPOL infrastructure that connects existing trade community infrastructures and enables parties to communicate from within their network of trade with parties linked to different trade networks.

By connecting to PEPPOL a service provider can provide European wide access for all his customers, he simply needs to connect once and he will get access for all. The PEPPOL procure­ment model is based on two major foundations, the infrastructure and the document specifications.

Currently, PEPPOL is being deployed and can be used as basis for wide scale deployment within a region or a country to engage SME and micro enterprises.


PEPPOL Business Documents

PEPPOL Business document specifications are formal requirements to ensure pan European interoperability of procurement documents, like invoices. They are based on CEN BII workshop deliverables and address the following issues:

  • choreography of document exchange
  • semantic document model

The choreography deals with capabilities for engaging into varying complexity of exchange and processes and states what your capabilities are and what capabilities you can expect from your trading partners.

The semantic model identifies the content that receivers can be expected to process without any bi-lateral agreement or setup. It provides for

  • the minimal content of a document
  • rules constraining the content
  • use of identifiers and code lists

This model ensures that if the sender issues a document according to the rules, he can be certain that all receivers will able to process it in the same way.

PEPPOL currently supports catalogue, order, invoice and credit note, thereby supporting a coherent procurement process. The specifi­cations have already been mapped to Oasis/UBL and UN/CEFACT syntaxes and are available for implementers.

PEPPOL procurement network

The PEPPOL procurement model is based on linking existing trade communities and enables parties to exchange documents between the networks. The documents are routed between the networks through the AP and companies can discover each other by use of SMP. The content and validation rules ensure that if mapping of content is needed it can be done in a consistent way for all parties.


Through a pilot recruitment program, PEPPOL is actively building a trade network for the future. A growing number of public authorities in participating countries have already been connected and in some countries all public entities have already been connected. In Denmark, where all invoices from local suppliers are already electronic, the authorities are now actively connecting foreign suppliers by use of PEPPOL to move the remaining invoices into electronic form. And SME and micro enterprises are increasingly using the solutions for trade among themselves. So the conclusion is that PEPPOL works and can be used as basis for wide scale deployment within a region or a country.

PEPPOL invoicing model

Governments or regional authorities can base their procurement or invoicing policy on PEPPOL technology. PEPPOL provides specifications and solutions needed to electronically enable all authorities and can serve as the basis for mandating all suppliers to engage electronically with authorities and their agencies. Additionally, choosing PEPPOL enables authorities to enforce all suppliers within the EU market to be part of the solution.

Savings that can be realised from such projects are significant as can already be seen in existing projects within PEPPOL, like ePrior (the European Commission’s eProcurement project) or the Norwegian National Public eProcurement project. These projects, for example, already enable all agencies to electronically receive invoices and will follow up by mandating all suppliers to send all invoices in electronic form.

For more information, how to join

PEPPOL deliverables are based on open standards and are themselves open & accessible to all, free of charge. Government agencies and private companies can take advantage of PEPPOL by joining the growing procurement community. Governments are especially invited to base their procurement policy on PEPPOL.


At the end of the piloting phase the long term support for PEPPOL will be handed over to the Open PEPPOL Community that has been established and will manage and govern the PEPPOL trading community into the future.


  • More information about the project can be found at:
  • For overview for publicly available source specifications and resources for supporting PEPPOL Infrastructure please refer to:Post award support page
  • For more detailed information about the PEPPOL project, its components, ICT Architecture, and specifications, please follow the link to the PEPPOL EIA (Enterprise Interoperability Architecture) repository or send us an e-mail to:


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