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PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure

PEPPOL seeks to join the islands of public eProcurement that currently operate across Europe by defining standard specifications based on common pre- and post-award business processes and providing tools for supporting interoperability with existing eProcurement platforms.

One of these tools is a Transport Infrastructure based on a set of standardised communication protocols that ensures the secure and reliable exchange of electronic documents between public sector buyers and their suppliers.

While public contracting authorities may use their own method of communication in the PEPPOL pre-award tendering processes, use of the Transport Infrastructure is mandatory for PEPPOL post-award eProcurement processes.

The pages in this section explain the basics of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure, how service providers can provide PEPPOL Access Points and where to find more detailed technical information. For overview for publicly available source specifications and resources for supporting PEPPOL Infrastructure please refer to: Infrastructure support page

For detailed information about the PEPPOL project and its other components and specifications please follow the link to the PEPPOL EIA (Enterprise Interoperability Architecture) repository or send us an e-mail at:


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