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PEPPOL Access Points

Access Point providers typically connect to their customers through their existing networks and use the PEPPOL Access Point to exchange documents with other Access Point providers. So the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure can be considered as providing a ‘gateway’ or ‘bridge’ between specific eProcurement communities or service platforms. We call this federated network of Access Points connected to each other using a common set of standards, the PEPPOL community.

Service providers can offer PEPPOL business processes as a value added service to their customers. The infrastructure has been designed to supplement existing network services by providing interconnections between eProcurement service platforms – not to replace existing services (although in some cases this may be desirable).

The information at Providing a PEPPOL Access Point explains some of the aspects you may want to consider before deciding if your organization should provide a PEPPOL Access Point. Once you have decided you want to provide a PEPPOL Access Point then the information at How to establish an Access Point will guide you through the activities required to create an Access Point and join the PEPPOL community.

A set of Frequently Asked Questions about PEPPOL Access Points is available at Frequently Asked Questions about PEPPOL Access Points.

A short guidance document on "How to become a PEPPOL Access Point provider" is also available in pdf-format here.

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