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The governance model for the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure is built around two levels of authority:
  1. European-wide coordination, through centralised governance of the PEPPOL SML (Service Metadata Locator) and the common technical standards and specifications by the PEPPOL Coordinating Authority who has authority over all central components of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure.
  2. National and/or regional coordination, which is achieved by delegating governance over the implementation and use of PEPPOL SMPs and PEPPOL APs to an appointed PEPPOL Regional Authority. The PEPPOL Regional Authority oversees the actual implementation and use of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure within a defined domain. The domain will typically be defined by national borders or by regions within a country. It is not foreseen that domains will overlap or cross national borders.


Roles and responsibilities for governance of the Transport Infrastructure are described within the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure agreements.
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