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The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Joins PEPPOL

by Enrique Vich created on 17/04/2012 01:30

The Norwegian broadcasting corporation (NRK) is getting ready to exchange cross-border eInvoices using the PEPPOL transport infrastructure and has already tested it with national suppliers.

Following the government decision to make eInvoicing mandatory in Norway for suppliers trading with the public sector - by July 2012 - and leveraging on the availability of the PEPPOL transport infrastructure, NRK has decided to join the PEPPOL network.

As the government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company and largest media organisation in Norway, NRK plans to raise the standard for procurement within Europe to ensure better quality and better conditions in their industry.  

“We are interested in using the PEPPOL infrastructure to exchange electronic documents with Norwegian suppliers, and are actively looking for media companies to implement eProcurement through PEPPOL in both Norway and other European countries“, stated Camilla Aschehoug, accounting manager at NRK.

A key driver for NRK’s involvement in PEPPOL has been the government’s decision to mandate eInvoicing based on the PEPPOL specifications. Norwegian suppliers, who are not able to send eInvoices to the government after July 2012, will have to pay additional fees for each invoice sent. Other driving factors for NRK are the immediate cost savings resulting from the automated invoice process and a reduction in scanning costs.   

While NRK had implemented an eProcurement system through an earlier internal project, they continued to support ‘paper to electronic’ processes while waiting for the external market to catch-up with the technology. This experience with eProcurement and earlier implementation of the related infrastructure facilitated a smooth transition into PEPPOL.

Being PEPPOL enabled will provide NRK with easy access to a larger potential trading market with other European countries”, continued Camilla Aschehoug. NRK is currently inviting all its foreign suppliers to join PEPPOL and is looking for media partners outside Norway.

Working closely with the PEPPOL Implementation Support Unit, the NRK pilot project has progressed significantly, and testing to date with national suppliers has been successful.  

For more information, please contact:

  • Camilla Aschehoug, accounting manager, NRK – Email:
  • Enrique Vich, PEPPOL PR and Recruitment Director – Email:


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