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SendRegning makes Plug and Play PEPPOL Access Point available Open Source

by Reiser, Daniel created on 07/05/2012 12:15

The Norwegian community has reached another milestone in enhancing PEPPOL technology developments. SendRegning has taken the sample code of a PEPPOL Access Point and modified it to make it easier for anyone to use.

In December 2011, the Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) launched a competition for the development of a plug and play reference implementation of a PEPPOL Access Point. SendRegning, the awarded Norwegian company, developed the source code and made it freely available for anyone to use on the internet, through Open Source.

“We have been waiting for something like PEPPOL since 2003 in the eBusiness domain and we want to support PEPPOL, making it work in the easiest way possible. It is imperative for PEPPOL to have strict standardisation and avoid differing implementations at the country level. For this reason we developed the plug and play reference implementation of a PEPPOL Access Point and made it available to the Open Source community”, stated Steinar Cook, CEO SendRegning.

SendRegning has been a strong supporter of open source technology for a very long time and considers PEPPOL an excellent opportunity to engage with the wider European market. Oxalis is the name of the code that SendRegning developed and it can be installed in a few hours, making it easier for a service provider to set up an Access Point, or for any company interested in connecting to the European PEPPOL network.

“Oxalis enables everyone to take part in PEPPOL. Even a small company can do it. The difference between the original code and this Plug and Play solution is like night and day”, said Steinar Cook.

By including root-certificates in the installation, the user needs only to acquire keys and their own certificates in order to install and configure the software.

The majority of Norwegian PEPPOL Access Points is using Oxalis and several companies exchange eInvoices through it, such as 19 local municipal bodies in the south west of Norway.

The code has been handed over to the Norwegian government, but SendRegning will continue developing it. Currently they are releasing two different types of code, both a binary installer and the release of the source code through Open Source, adding for the possibility of using relational databases.

The Norwegian government is one of the strongest supporters of PEPPOL technology. It has made eInvoicing mandatory to the public sector from July 2012, based on PEPPOL eInvoicing specifications.
Difi, who has lead the PEPPOL Consortium since its inception, continues to support further innovation and wider market engagement of eProcurement adoption. “We are pleased to contribute to the development of an open and interoperable eProcurement market in Europe“, explained Olav Astad Kristiansen, Difi eInvoicing Manager.

SendRegning is now working on developing a simple communication protocol between the PEPPOL Access Point and the end-user to standardise this last mile.

Useful links:

Oxalis open source code:



Steinar Cook: CEO, SendRegning;

Olav Astad Kristiansen: eInvoicing Manager, Difi;

Enrique Vich: PEPPOL PR and Recruitment Director;


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