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Scottish Government reduces barriers for doing business with Europe

by Enrique Vich created on 22/05/2012 08:50

Scotland’s highly regarded public sector eCommerce service aligns with PEPPOL. Facilitated by Amor Group, Scotland’s largest business technology solutions company (, a PEPPOL eOrdering solution is under development.


“Amor sees PEPPOL as a natural and parallel development route for the electronic commerce strategy of the Scottish Government. With wider access to European opportunities presented through PEPPOL, the pilot is a positive step toward assisting Scottish businesses, specifically the SME sector, to successfully compete in a pan-European market and in turn contribute to the growth of the Scottish Economy” says Bill Gemmell, Senior IT Consultant of Amor Group.


A pilot covering three different sectors has been set up. The four contracting authorities involved in the pilot are:


  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Consortium (Healthcare)
  • The West Lothian Council (Public administration)
  • The Highland Council (Public administration)
  • University of Edinburgh (Education)

As the third largest university in the UK, the University of Edinburgh has a wide array of suppliers both in Scotland and around Europe. The University anticipates efficiency savings and easier transactions by having an eOrdering system that is able to perform PEPPOL compliant document exchanges with other pan-European systems. The University is amongst one of the first educational institutions in the EU able to take advantage of the benefits of easing cross border trading.


I was immediately drawn to the efficiencies that PEPPOL offers and the fact that we can potentially simplify our international transactions, irrespective of the size or location of our supplier.” Craig Henderson, Procurement, University of Edinburgh.


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is the largest health board in the UK providing healthcare to over 1.2 million people and employing more than 40,000 staff. As such using PEPPOL within its eProcurement strategy, extends the efficiencies achieved internationally and reduces significant paperwork and administration.


PEPPOL provides us the opportunity to widen the boundaries of our electronic procurement and to make efficiency savings in our international transactions. We look forward to realising the benefits and working with the Government and Amor in this evaluation”, said Syd Smith, Procurement, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. The project is also supported by Scotland IS, the trade body for the Scottish ICT industry which holds a remit to raise the profile of the industry and lobby policy makers on relevant issues.


“The PEPPOL initiative being driven by Government and supported by Amor is a great example of a coordinated use of digital technology to help grow the Scottish economy. Not only does it extend the commitment within Scotland to eCommerce but it also allows Scottish SME’s to more easily extend their markets internationally. Scotland IS is happy to support the initiative wherever we can”, said Polly Purvis, Executive Director, Scotland IS.


The plan is to setup the PEPPOL eOrdering solution and to integrate this with the already existing Scottish Government P2P service. The P2P service currently captures almost a third of Scottish public procurement spending and was set up in 2002. The P2P service is managed by Amor Group and besides PEPPOL eOrdering compliance, future development projects may include looking into compliance with the PEPPOL eInvoicing infrastructure. With its existing knowledge of eCommerce in Scotland, Amor Group is ready to meet the challenge and extend Scotland’s commitment to electronic commerce.


Integration of PEPPOL Standards is being progressed within the P2P service and contact has been made with Service Providers in Europe to connect the Contracting Authorities to the PEPPOL network. The next step is to similarly connect identified suppliers and discussions are processing well.


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