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Itella Creating eProcurement Infrastructure in Europe and Business Opportunities for Community Users

by Enrique Vich created on 26/06/2012 11:05

Itella Information, a contributor to PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online), has announced several customer implementations that have already been taken into production in Scandinavia and aims to create more challenging infrastructural opportunities within the eProcurement community.

Since 2008, the PEPPOL project has been developing and implementing the technology standards to align business processes for electronic procurement across all governments within Europe. PEPPOL’s vision is to enable businesses to communicate electronically with any European government institution in the procurement process, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. PEPPOL has not replaced, but built upon, the existing strengths of national eProcurement systems by using information and communication technologies to enable them to connect with each other.


Itella Information functions as a Service Provider and Access Point within the project. As its first PEPPOL customer implementations are already in production in Scandinavia, Itella Information plans to expand the project to countries where a cross-border infrastructure has yet to be created and developed. According to Itella, this represents the main challenge of the project: “When creating a common eProcurement market, the real challenge lies in creating interoperability within networks displaying strong local specific features. Itella Information is dedicated to eInfrastructure development and standardisation in Europe and this is what we are committed to delivering as PEPPOL Project Partner”, says Jari Annala, Vice President, Itella Information Oy.


“Gaining true business value takes more than just transition to eInvoicing; a shift to a fully-automated purchasing process is the key. A high automation rate is the best indicator of a successful transition, as automation requires the use of fewer resources and generates better control of the supply chain. For PEPPOL community users, automation is not an option, but a requirement,” Vice President Annala added.


Itella Information offers end-to-end solutions matching PEPPOL agreements and is capable of meeting customers’ individual business needs. Itella’s participation in the PEPPOL project adds to a long list of European forums and associations, such as EESPA and CEN, with a focus on e-transactional standardisation, where Itella makes its contribution as a Pan-European solution expert in financial process optimisation.

  • Tiina Härkönen, Head of Communications Itella Information, +35 85 03 84 31 62
  • Enrique Vich, PEPPOL PR and Recruitment Director
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