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Basware customers benefit from PEPPOL eInvoices

by Enrique Vich created on 23/05/2012 05:30

Basware, a European provider of eInvoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions, has successfully implemented the PEPPOL eInvoicing specifications across all of its solutions. Staples Finland, a Basware customer, has become one of the first companies to start using PEPPOL-compliant eInvoices.



The PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) project, co-funded by the European Commission, was tasked with providing standards-based IT infrastructure and services for cross-border public eProcurement in Europe, supporting companies, and SMEs in particular, to participate seamlessly in the European public procurement market. 
Electronic invoicing and procurement operators, such as Basware, have been involved in the PEPPOL project since its formation, piloting technologies that align business processes for electronic procurement, to expand market connectivity and interoperability between eProcurement communities. Following successful planning, collaboration and testing, PEPPOL eInvoicing specifications are being rolled-out to businesses. As of today, Basware’s customers can exchange PEPPOL-compliant eInvoices across Europe, based on standardised business processes.
Staples Finland - a Basware customer and a key supplier of office and industrial supplies to government agencies - is one of the first companies to start using PEPPOL eInvoices. Pekka Leppälä, Sales Director, Staples explains: “As a supplier, it is good practice to exchange invoices that meet approved specifications, and it also creates new business opportunities across the European region. When sales and invoicing processes are harmonized, it makes the relationship between buyer and supplier mutually beneficial.”
In the era of eBusiness, the level of standardisation delivered by PEPPOL holds significant advantages for businesses of every size. Implementing the PEPPOL eInvoicing specifications will enhance process automation, speed up administrative activities and reduce costs, while encouraging green, sustainable purchasing.  eInvoicing also provides a number of wider business benefits, where buyers benefit from a reduction in errors and better forecasting, while suppliers benefit from faster payment cycles, improved cash flow and visibility.
Basware’s implementation of PEPPOL specifications comes three months before the Norwegian Government will mandate that all suppliers must invoice contracting authorities electronically, with the use of the PEPPOL infrastructure as the preferred approach.
The Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) states that this move will make PEPPOL the ‘backbone of public electronic invoicing in Norway’. PEPPOL anticipate that further mandates across Europe will be widespread over the next few years. Olav Astad Kristiansen, Senior Adviser, Difi comments that: “With such high standards for invoice content set by PEPPOL, public authorities will now receive better-quality invoices. The wider business community will also prosper through simpler and more efficient invoicing processes.”
Esa Tihilä, CEO, Basware says: “PEPPOL is an important initiative and one step in supporting the automation of purchase processes and standards in the European Union. The levels of standardisation will further boost electronic procurement, as suppliers and buyers trust that there is a common language between them. Basware is pleased to pass these benefits on to our customers.”





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