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7th PEPPOL Conference Heralds New Stage of Development for eProcurement in Europe

by Enrique Vich created on 01/06/2012 11:30

Key project achievements and establishment of OpenPEPPOL to further long-term adoption of the next generation of interoperable eProcurement solutions.


ROME, 1 JUNE 2012 – At the 7th PEPPOL conference this week in Rome, key achievements of the PEPPOL project and launch of the OpenPEPPOL Association were presented. The conference was well attended, drawing about 300 participants from both the public and private sectors across Europe.
The PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) project enables European businesses to easily deal electronically with any European public sector buyers in their procurement processes. 
With 24 enabled eProcurement communities in 20 countries, the momentum has been building continually throughout Europe.  
Some key success stories were presented at the PEPPOL conference, in particular:
  • Italy: an early supporter of PEPPOL, has now completed a number of pilot scenarios, including projects with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Reggio-Emilia Health Authority, the province of Rome and Telecom Italia for electronic catalogues, orders and invoices
  • Norway: Helse Vest, a regional health authority is now exchanging PEPPOL-compliant eInvoices with Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices and Diagnostic, headquartered in Sweden
  • Scotland: a leader in public eProcurement, is running a PEPPOL eOrdering pilot project in education with the University of Edinburgh, in public administration with the West Lothian and Highland Councils, and in healthcare with the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Consortiums
We have seen a marked increase in take-up of the PEPPOL specifications even in the past two months as organisations of all sizes begin to realise the benefits of moving to electronic procurement supported by the PEPPOL approach”, said Hoddevik.  
As the Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project nears successful completion, the role of OpenPEPPOL, a non-profit international association, under Belgian law, was also presented at the PEPPOL conference.  
The purpose of OpenPEPPOL is to ensure long-term sustainability of PEPPOL through user-driven governance and continuation of legal agreements responsibility. OpenPEPPOL will strive to set widely accepted technology standards and specifications, ensuring the long term sustainability of the PEPPOL-infrastructure networks, user communities, specifications, building blocks and related artefacts. OpenPEPPOL will begin official operations on September 1st of this year. 
Business to business use of the PEPPOL-compliant infrastructure and use of PEPPOL-components in other areas than procurement will also be promoted by the Association. 
With the completion of a number of successful PEPPOL pilot scenarios, electronic procurement has taken a major step forward in Europe”, said AndrĂ© Hoddevik, Project Director of PEPPOL.  “We expect active public and private sector participation in OpenPEPPOL, which could accelerate eProcurement adoption throughout Europe.
In the panel discussion for the ICT industry, some of the most important global IT companies stressed the strategic relevance of PEPPOL for the future of eProcurement in Europe. 
The importance for the ICT industry and service providers to join OpenPEPPOL was discussed, as it marks the transition from PEPPOL results into market driven solutions, bridging the gap between governmental driven to market driven development.
Membership of OpenPEPPOL is open to: Regional or other types of Authorities within the PEPPOL network, Service Metadata Publisher Providers, Access Point Providers, eSignature Validation Service Providers, Pre-award Service Providers and other organizations which are relevant to the purposes of OpenPEPPOL.
As one of five Large Scale Pilot projects (LSPs), PEPPOL is building the basis for seamless cross-border eGovernment services in the single market by helping to make public procurement simpler and more efficient via electronic means. The 7th PEPPOL conference coincided with the 4th LSPs Roadshow, where the other successful LSPs were presented, proving that an expansion of eGovernment and cross-border public services can be an integral part of Europe’s growth.
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