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The LSP Roadshow makes a stop in Vienna

by Enrique Vich created on 15/06/2012 08:20

The 5th LSP Roadshow event took place at the Vienna City Hall (Rathaus) from June 4th to 6th, 2012, within the scope of the event Major Cities of Europe.

This year’s motto of the annual conference was “ICT – Driving the City of tomorrow?”. A workshop on the EU Large-Scale Pilots (LSPs) PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online), epSOS (European Patients – Smart open Services), STORK (European eID project), SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services) and e-CODEX (European eJustice project) was held on day one in the afternoon.

Large, medium-sized and small cities and towns are facing quite similar challenges: Budgets become tighter and tighter, citizens are demanding more direct participation in decision-making and better – electronic – services. The question that was addressed during the conference was in which way ICT can contribute to the creation of the city of tomorrow. The event focused on the advantages of open government, open data, social networks, cloud computing and eGovernment services.


Supplementary to the speeches, presentations, roundtables, one-to-one discussions and workshops were held. Furthermore, two evening events provided the participants with international networking opportunities. The LSP Workshop took place on day one from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.


Build – Connect – Grow. These are the three essential components for building a truly connected European Union: a single European digital space. A linked-up EU means that small, medium or large companies can invoice or bid online across borders for public tenders, no matter where they are based. Thanks to digital technologies, EU citizens can access health services wherever they are in Europe – all in just a few short clicks. A connected Europe, with linked-up online public services, would enhance our lives at home and at work, boost our businesses and Europe's economy. Therefore the European Commission, in cooperation with the member states, set up the Large-Scale Pilots (LSPs) to make this linked-up dream a reality.


The role of PEPPOL in facilitating eBusiness – cross-border or not – by generating efficiencies and savings etc. is one of the crucial aspects of the PEPPOL project. As part of a long term sustainability roadmap, the PEPPOL Governing Board recently agreed on establishing OpenPEPPOL as a non-profit international association. The OpenPEPPOL association is expected to ensure high level governance and continuation of the agreement infrastructure and promote the wider use of PEPPOL based eProcurement solutions in Europe.






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