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“Tangible results with PEPPOL” - an experience from Telecom Italia

by Enrique Vich created on 08/06/2012 11:15

Telecom Italia, a service provider that has major contracts with Italian Public Administrations, has used the Consip eProcurement platform to receive purchase orders for several years. The amount of business Telecom Italia currently manages on the Consip eProcurement platform peaks at more than 200 orders per day.

Last December, Consip suggested that Telecom Italia join the pilot scheme for the exchange of electronic orders via the PEPPOL infrastructure, integrating software packages, processes and formats into the systems.
PEPPOL is Telecom Italia’s first real experience of interaction with customers through an eProcurement platform based on a European standard. The results of the implementation have highlighted the potential to achieve significant results in terms of cost savings from process automation: Orders can now be automatically processed through eOrders from the Consip platform to that of Telecom Italia with significant time and human resources savings.
Indeed, the greatest gains for Telecom Italia in using PEPPOL stem from the reduction of time spent processing orders, as well as improving the quality of service provided and facilitating interaction between public administrations and suppliers. The possibility of using a standards-based infrastructure, through an Access Point, for the exchange of information has greatly simplified the development of the prototype. The IT tools developed and made available by 
PEPPOL have also provided considerable advantages.
When asked how they see the project evolving in the future, a representative of the company suggested:
"To maximise results, Telecom Italia would like to see the eProcurement platforms of other public administrations in Italy adopt the PEPPOL standards, and, finally, to complete our implementation with Consip and with other public administrations for the additional PEPPOL components, including tender participation, management and electronic invoicing."
— Massimiliano Materazzi
Key Account Manager - Top Clients and Public Sector, Telecom Italia
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