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National Information

The Greek strategic approach for the introduction of eProcurement is laid down in the ‘Digital Strategy 2006-2013’, which is Greece’s main Information Society strategy for the upcoming years. The strategy addresses eProcurement with a dedicated action, within the frame of efforts for the re-organisation of the public sector and the provision of electronic services to businesses. This specific action foresees the implementation of an eProcurement System by the Ministry of Development, Department of Commerce. The implementation of the system was awarded in February 2006 and is supported by the Operational Programme for the Information Society (OPIS). Initially the General Secretariat of Commerce (GGE), and eventually all the players within the Single Procurement Programme will conduct online contests through the eProcurement System. However, there are some crucial observations concerning the national situation, namely that:

Greece, unlike some other EU countries, does not have a single national purchaser organisation and therefore the organisation of tenders and the subsequent ordering is administered at the individual purchasing organisation level. Ministries related to significant procurement value (Ministries of Development, Health and Defense) have set up individual roadmaps. This means that awareness and recruitment activities must be undertaken in multiple directions and with multiple targets.

The healthcare sector has been granted by law, an exception from the rest of the Public Sector and a mandate to run its own purchasing systems and take the appropriate decisions in matters, including eProcurement. At the moment it is the only sector that has already put eProcurement systems in production and this is why it is strongly represented in the Greek community of PEPPOL prospects, leads and committed pilot participants.

It is evident that in order to have any meaningful eProcurement pilots, it is necessary to engage individual purchasers through a functioning system already in production, and this is what UPRC is doing by supporting the integration of PEPPOL-enabled infrastructure in pre-award in post-award eProcurement communities across Greece.

For the Greek market, as in other countries where a strong field of legacy EDI providers of eBusiness solutions is non-existent, the enablement of eProcurement communities may  need to start with the development of such communities by leveraging the availability of PEPPOL-enabled solutions, thereby leapfrogging the centrally planned initiatives where progress has been slow. This characteristic is important for PEPPOL to understand in order to adjust its dissemination and recruitment strategy for such markets accordingly.

The long term sustainability of PEPPOL results will be based on positive project experiences and decisions / recommendations made before the project ends.

There is currently no central eProcurement infrastructure in Greece . For more information please see:, eGovernment Factsheet - Greece - National Infrastructure].

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