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PEPPOL Standards

At the heart of PEPPOL is an electronic transport infrastructure allowing governments and companies to connect their IT systems and reliably exchange data and business documents. A common agreement on cross border procurement processes, implemented through open standards, makes this possible.

PEPPOL has developed the BIS and the BusDox as its principle standards.

PEPPOL supports the use of UBL 2.0 documents and CEN/BII profiles. A CEN/BII (Business Interoperability Interfaces Profile) is a specification of how one or more business processes, such as ordering or invoicing, are executed. PEPPOL implements the CEN/BII profiles to define specific business scenarios. A PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specification (BIS) is a CEN BII Profile with additional legal, organisational and technical requirements to support pan-European use.

The PEPPOL transport infrastructure uses a set of technical specifications known as BusDox (Business Document Exchange) to allow organisations to securely and reliably exchange electronic documents. BusDox is document agnostic, meaning users can transfer ANY kind of XML document between ANY network.

These standardised public eProcurement processes will save time, improve transparency and increase competition.

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