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How to join

Membership types and criteria

Membership of OpenPEPPOL is open to the following types of organisations:

  1. Contracting authorities (public sector buyers), economic operators (suppliers) and other end-users of PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services;
  2. Regional or other types of Authorities within the PEPPOL network (according to provisions of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements)
  3. Service Metadata Publisher Providers (according to provisions of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements)
  4. Access Point Providers (according to provisions of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements)
  5. eSignature Validation Service Providers (according to provisions of the Validation Infrastructure Agreements)
  6. Pre-award Service Providers (according to provisions of the Pre-award Infrastructure Agreements).
  7. Other organizations which are relevant to the purposes of OpenPEPPOL (as laid out in Article 4 of the OpenPEPPOL Statutes).

As a condition of membership of OpenPEPPOL, a Member shall accept the Statutes of the Association. OpenPEPPOL will strive to achieve a balanced stakeholder representation, and encourage SME associations, trade organisations and eProcurement providers to join the OpenPEPPOL community.

Entities interested in becoming members of the OpenPEPPOL General Assembly should register by 31 August, 2012. The first OpenPEPPOL General Assembly is planned for autumn 2012.

Registration form

Please download the form below and complete the required information to communicate your interest in becoming a Member.

registration form OpenPEPPOL membership.pdf

registration form OpenPEPPOL membership.docx

Membership fees

Members of OpenPEPPOL are required to pay an annual subscription fee to support the purposes and activities of the Association. There is only one type of Membership and all Members will enjoy the same rights. However, in order to indicate differences in roles as well as for the purpose of calculating the annual subscription fee due by each Member, each Member subscribes to one or more of the following categories, depending on the Membership criteria under which the respective Member has been admitted to the Association.

Membership fees are decided by the OpenPEPPOL Management Committee, and the fee structure and amounts are currently under consideration. This includes the possibility for discounts for entities joining more than one category and differentiation of fees related to size of member organisations. The initial fee structure is as follows:

End-users of PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services (Category 1)
500 EUR/year

PEPPOL Authorities (Category 2)*
10.000 EUR/year

Service Metadata Publisher Providers (Category 3)*
1.000 EUR/year

Access Point Providers (Category 4)*
1.000 EUR/year

eSignature Validation Service Providers (Category 5)
800 EUR/year

Pre-award Service Providers (Category 6)
800 EUR/year

Other organisations (Category 7)
500 EUR/year

* Membership in OpenPEPPOL is mandatory according to PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements.

The fee structure applicable from 1 September will be communicated in August.

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