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Find a list of abbrevations used in the page, the PEPPOL documents and the PEPPOL EIA.

Pan-European Public Procurement Online
PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specification
PEPPOL Enterprise Interoperability Architecture
PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreement
(see PoC Pilot, Test Pilot, Production Pilot, Usage Pilot, Structural Pilot)
Public Key Cryptography Standard
public key infrastructure
Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509)
 PoC Pilot
Artificial setup and not production ready. Mainly for learning and feasibility study on one or more issues on one of the EIF 2.0 interoperability levels.
 Post Award eProcurement
Post-award e-Procurement refers to the e-Procurement process based on a contract; typically e-Catalogues, e-Ordering and e-Invoicing.
PEPPOL Public Registry Service
PEPPOL Property Server
 Pre Award eProcurement
Pre-award e-Procurement refers to the e-Procurement process before a contract has been entered; typically a tender including e-Signature, Virtual Company Dossier and e-Catalogue.
 Production Pilot
Real life set up, rolled out into a production environment, but not in full scale. Mainly for addressing issues on all EIF 2.0 interoperability levels.
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