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PEPPOL: making procurement better

PEPPOL at a glance

PEPPOL enables seamless cross-border eProcurement, connecting communities through standards-based solutions.

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Project Partners

Great Britain

Working together with the European Commission, 11 European countries have established a consortium of 18 project partners to drive ahead PEPPOL.

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Pan-European eProcurement will be as easy as sending emails. From eTendering to eInvoicing, PEPPOL facilitates the pre-award and post-award procurement process with standardised components and by focussing on the more complex eProcurement elements.

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PEPPOL has developed standards-based components and tools to support pilot organisations.

The results of the project can be found in the EIA repository (for pilot users) and in the EC deliverables list (for internal use).


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The OpenPEPPOL Association is under establishment and will take over responsibilities for PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services, promoting PEPPOL implementation across Europe. Membership is now open to a wide range of organisations. Click here for more information.


PEPPOL Pilot PEPPOL Access Point

Economic operators, Contracting Authorities and ICT industry experts are invited to join and register for PEPPOL. By registering as a user you will stay informed about PEPPOL, and you can indicate your interest in participating as a PEPPOL pilot.

If you are considering connecting to the PEPPOL transport infrastructure or to become a PEPPOL Access Point (AP), click here for more information.

To find out about PEPPOL enabled Access Points, click here.



  • provides economic operators, in particular SMEs, with new business opportunities and increased competitiveness, while lowering costs with automated tendering solutions;
  • saves contracting authorities significant administrative and transaction costs through standardised, speedy and streamlined procedures;
  • boosts the development and the capabilities of the ICT industry with increased demand for new, user-friendly IT services.

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User Stories

PEPPOL's current pilot production phase includes full operational use of PEPPOL solutions, including submission of tenders, and exchange of catalogues, orders and invoices between pilot participants.

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7th PEPPOL Conference and
4th LSP Roadshow Event

7th PEPPOL Conference, May 29th-30th, Rome
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PEPPOL perspectives on the European eProcurement landscape

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03/07/2012 01:50

Russia showing interest in PEPPOL

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28/06/2012 01:10

Austria mandates eInvoicing to the public sector, fostering PEPPOL adoption

By January 1, 2013, the new VAT Directive regarding the rules on invoicing[1] which enforces equal treatment between pap … 
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26/06/2012 11:05

Itella Creating eProcurement Infrastructure in Europe and Business Opportunities for Community Users

Itella Information, a contributor to PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online), has announced several customer imp … 
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